Street Closures This Weekend

We just wanted to let you know that the following event will take place in the Downtown Area.  If you are coming downtown on Saturday the street closures may make driving around more difficult.

  1. The May Day march & Rally for the Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign will take place on Saturday April 30, 2016 from 3 to 7:30 pm.
  2. Expect a large participatory and engaging crowd as Mr. Sanders has drawn up to 30,000 people to his events on the East Coast. This one has the possibility of being much larger, maybe closer to 50,000 or more attendees.
  3. Street closures will begin as early as 1:30 pm with Main St. between 11th St & Olympic Blvd as the assembly area.
  4. The march will begin at 3 pm from the Main St./Olympic Blvd. intersection and proceed NB on Main St. to City Hall where they are expected to arrive by 4 pm.
  5. The crowd will then filter into both Main and Spring Streets from 1st St. to Temple St. with information booths set up accordingly.
  6. From 6-7:30 pm a rally will be held at City Hall.
  7. If it turns out to be a very large crowd, expect an overflow on 1st, Temple, and Los Angeles Streets as well as Broadway.
  8. Please note that there will also be ongoing major construction work for the Regional Connector and that Broadway from 3rd to 1st Streets and 2nd St. from Hill to Spring Streets will be closed.
  9. Remember that there is additional Regional Connector work on Flower Street from 4th to 5th Streets with 3 lanes closed.
  10. Expect traffic to be jammed on all streets adjacent to the march route and especially around all streets surrounding the Civic Center as well as the 10, 101, and 110 Fwys and corresponding Civic Center on/off ramps.
  11. Check you public transportation websites for any route delays, detours and/or cancellations.
  12. Both the Olive Street and Westlawn Garages will remain open for their normal business hours, however, alternative routes may have to be taken to access the garages.
  13. Please plan your travel time accordingly and allow yourself plenty of time to reach your final destinations.

Please see the attached LADOT Map.

Please plan your travel time accordingly and allow yourself extra time to reach your final destination.
2016_04_30 Bernie Sanders Brigade March & Rally TMP

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